Action Management

Action Management


Health, safety and compliance reports and inspection records very often carry with them remedial actions that need attending to and completing in order to improve overall site safety. RFB’s action management module provides an efficient, centralised and user-friendly way to import, manage and report on these actions in a single common format for any building-related compliance discipline.


Key Features

Dedicated Action Management module that centralises actions for any health, safety or compliance discipline where actions exist on RFB
RFB’s action import wizard allows users to import actions from any risk assessment or inspection provided by any supplier, into a single traffic light-based priority system
Dashboard widgets allow a wide variety of action reporting statistics and export reports
Sort, report and export actions by listing them by priority, discipline, building, date or actionee
Handheld users who enter non-compliant readings or inspection results must send though accompanying remedial actions that are automatically assigned to that reading and fed into the action management module on RFB


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