RecordsForBuildings App

Latest version of RecordsForBuildings for Android

7.504 Release Feb 2020

Added LSi Swimming Pool Calculations

Asset Calculations within Assets


Android 10 Storage Model

Release History

6.030 - Bug Fix - for Sporadic Monitoring

Sporadic Monitoring dates incorrectly shown as 2049, now Sporadic Reading

6.012 - Bug Fix - for slow file transfers

Fixing slow ftp by compressing and splitting download files.

6.005 - New Feature - Tolerance Bands

Added in serperate tolerance bands for readings Option for tolerance bands to be values not percentages.

6.002 - New Feature - File Transfer options

Option to turn off secure FTP as mobile neywork operators blocking this connection method. Files are now manually encrypted before transfered between device and servers.

6.000 - Major Release - Asbestos Module

Asbestos module added to myDataCollector Secure communications for file transfers

7.020 - Major Release

Add Home button to menus, returns user direct to home screen. Primary and Secondary Server selection now automatically follows the live server.

7.045 - Bug Fixes

Changing Priority of action now changes the actionee to the correct person. No Responsible person for location and no priority set - actionee is the engineer carrying out work. User Groups no longer listed in actionee dropdown list. Users marked as 'No Actions' on website will be removed from Actionee dropdown list.

7.048 - Minor Bug Fixes

Fixed password screen popup. Fixed layout issue.

7.052 - New feature Google Barcode Scanning

Now has option to scan using Google Barcode scanner

7.100 - New Feature -  Control Flash / Tourch

Can now set the start mode for the flash, including torch mode.

7.104 - Targeted Android 10

Now uses the features of android 10 if available. Minor change to copyright notice.

7.207 - Minor internal fixes

No customer facing changes.

7.311 - New Freatues

Added : Tree management survey element